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PH Retrace 93 (Camera Pics + Summary)


So I got my hands on the magazine yesterday and it seems today there’s not much out there yet, so to tide you all over here’s some summary pics and text.


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Okay, so when I was a kid, there was this French comic called “Yoko Tsuno” about a Chinese-Japanese-French Electronic Engineer lady who would have adventures that were both sci-fi AND thrillers. Sometimes she was on Earth rescuing damsels being harassed by evil scientists, sometimes she was helping ladies in time machines. Sometimes she was battling mechanical dragons and sometimes she was hanging out with her bros in space with the space ladies.

So, basically, a comic about a bad-ass, sword-wielding, computer-loving, non-sexualized, minority woman (who was also a single mother of a child she adopted) existed in the 70’s. She was one of the rare bad-ass female role models in comics I remember from my childhood. Oh, and her storylines had very little romance, and whenever it was there it was handled realistically, and there was even a whole lot of lesbian foe interaction. And this was written by a dude.

I’m still impressed by the amazing-ness that was Yoko Tsuno. Yoko, I salute you. Look her up. Cinebooks translated these bad boys to English for anyone interested.

in volleyball, you can’t drop the ball, you can’t hold the ball, and the same player can’t touch the ball twice - how do you plan to play by yourself?

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